Exploring ‘The Last Remaining Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom ‘ is an exclusive and unique experience even for the most seasoned travellers. Its pristine natural beauty, uncompromising Buddhist culture and an environment that inspires spiritual as well as physical well-being combine to make it an unforgettable holiday destination.

To engage with dolphins in their natural habitat offers a unique and authentic experience of connecting to beings who perhaps more than any other on the planet embody the qualities of inner freedom, joyfulness and playfulness that resonate with our Inner Child and our soul’s longing to return to a state of Innocence.

Patmos, the holy island of the Aegean. is one of the most important sites in Christianity. The island’s name has become synonymous with St John, the Apostle of Love, who, while in exile there, received the Revelations, the last book of the Bible. For nearly two thousand years it has attracted pilgrims who have come to pay homage and absorb the special energy of this beautiful island.

The former Himalayan kingdom of Sikkim is now India’s second smallest state and arguably its most beautiful. Bordered to the west by Nepal, to the north by Tibet and to the east by Bhutan, it’s landscape is dominated by Mt Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world.